kaela han


Kaela Han (b. 1996) is a self-taught, Korean American artist based in San Francisco, California. Using oil paints and graphite, she takes inspiration from the natural world to create images that evoke feelings of nostalgia and quietude. Her practice is a way for her to find stillness within the world around her; a way for her to reflect and process. She is currently a member of the Korean American Artist Collective (KAAC) where she continues to explore her creative practice within a collaborative and culturally engaged artist space.  

email // kaelahan4@gmail.com
instagram // @kaela.han.art


“Petrichor” Group Exhibition at Upper Market Gallery x Janie Galerie; San Francisco; CA, 2024.

“HAN” Group Exhibition at Culture House; Washington D.C., 2023.

“SALUT” Group Exhibition at Nucleus Gallery, Portland; OR, 2023.

“Pyramid Scheme” Group Exhibition at Bass & Reiner; Minnesota Street Project, San Francisco; CA, 2023.

“BBURI” Group Exhibition at AS220 Gallery, Providence; RI, 2023.

"Sour & Sweet” Group Exhibition at Empire7 Gallery, San Jose; CA, 2023.

"SHE” Virtual Exhibition at ArtFluent, 2023.

"Blue" Three-person Exhibition at B4BEL4B Gallery, Oakland; CA, 2022.

"Hold Me" Solo Exhibition at Cone Shape Top, Oakland; CA, 2022.

selected bibliography

"CARE", Booooooom, 2024.

"Talent of Tomorrow" Volume II, Booooooom, 2020.

projects // events

San Francisco Art Book Fair with Korean American Artist Collective, 2023. 

Bburi (ROOTS) Collaborative Book Project, 2023.

MDR, Southern Exposure, San Francisco; CA, 2022.

Kundiman Annual Silent Auction, 2022.

Korean American Art Auction with KAAC, 2022.

San Francisco Annual Chuseok Festival with KAAC, 2022.

Shefunds for International Women’s Month, 2022.

Shefunds for International Women’s Month, 2021.

Korean American Artist Collective for Democracy Art Auction, 2020. 


Graphite, 2023  
11” x 17” 

Graphite, 2023  
10” x 10”

Graphite on wooden panel, 2023  
6” x 12” x 0.75”

Graphite on wooden panel, 2023  
4” x 4” x 1.5”

Everything Now
Graphite, 2023  
4” x 4”

  1. When I Feel Small
  2. Egg
  3. Listen
  4. Bloom

Hold Me

Graphite, 2022 
5” x 7”

"Hold Me" (2022) is a bittersweet ode to the summers of my youth spent in Korea.

  1. An Ode to Summers Past | 여름의 끝 (t. the end of summer)
  2. Familiar Scents | 할머니의 집 (t. grandmother’s house)
  3. Lace Wings | 매미 노래 (t. cicada song)
  4. Wind Chimes | 여름 향기에 춤추는 날개 (t. wings that dance in the summer air)
  5. Hands and Hearts Overflowing | 내 마음의 보화 (t. treasure of my heart)